Safety Data Sheets

We compose safety data sheets (SDS) in accordance with European Union regulations.

We compose SDS-s:

  • in Estonian;
  • from data that has been given to us by client;
  • that are adjusted to Estonian market.

Safety Data Sheets are prepared in accordance with Annex II of the REACH Regulation, the requirements of which have been amended by Commission Regulation (EU) No 453/2010.

The company which introduces  a new  chemical or a product containing chemicals into the market, must also provide a  respective safety data sheet.
Safety Data Sheets are prepared for hazardous chemicals, products containing hazardous substances, and in certain conditions also for non-hazardous chemicals and products.

Chemicals and products are classified as hazardous under the CLP Regulation. A safety data sheet is compiled in accordance with the requirements given in the Article 31 of the REACH Regulation.

Safety Data Sheet must contain 16 sections:

  • identification of the company and the substance or mixture
  • identification of the hazards
  • information on ingredients
  • first aid measures
  • fire extinguishing measures
  • accidental release  measures
  • handling and storage
  • exposure control / personal protection
  • physical and chemical properties
  • stability and reactivity in the environment
  • toxicological information
  • ecological information
  • waste management
  • transport requirements
  • regulatory legislation
  • other information