Waste management

Waste management plans

We help local municipalities to prepare waste management plans.

A waste management plan deals with the status of waste management in the state or an administrative unit, objectives planned in the organisation and rationalisation of waste management and measures taken to achieve such objectives. A waste management plan shall contain:

  • the description of the current status of waste management and the main types and quantities of waste to be recovered and disposed of;
  • the assessment of the extent of the use of natural resources required for waste handling;
  • the assessment of the environmental implications of waste management;
  • the planned objectives, such as the reduction of the quantity and harmfulness of waste, recovery of waste, environmentally sound disposal of waste and optimising of waste transport;
  • the means and measures required for achieving the objectives, such as the selection of waste handling processes, the network of waste management facilities and installations and their siting, special measures for the handling of hazardous waste and other significant types of waste, environmental and health protection measures and the technological means to ensure such measures and the estimated cost of the application of the measures.

In the preparation of waste management plans, the following general requirements for waste handling shall be taken into consideration:
the best available technology shall be used in waste handling unless this involves excessive costs;

  • waste shall be recovered if it is technologically possible and does not involve any excessive costs compared with other manners of waste handling;
  • the use of waste recovered as raw material or any other material shall be preferred to its use as a source of energy;
  • waste shall be recovered or disposed of at a technologically suitable waste management facility appropriate from the standpoint of environmental protection which is located as close as possible to the site where waste is generated.