Adepte Energy

Energy consultation

Adepte Energy OÜ provides consultation in the field of Power Engineering.

Our services:

  • Wind & Solar energy farms. Grid solutions, optimization, development
  • Grid design. 0,4-330 kV power lines, communication lines
  • Monitoring of OHL and objecs. Lidar, thermo, optic etc.
  • Electrical installation design
  • Outdoor lighting projects
  • Planning and route selection
  • GIS
  • Environment

Collaboration with Adepte Energy and Adepte Ekspert:

  • Wind farm noise assessment;
  • Wind farm shadow flicker assessment;
  • Wind farm visualizations-photomontages;
  • Preliminary energy production assessment;
  • Wind data processing;
  • Wind farm layout consultation.

Prospectus of services can be found here.